Andon Health Co., Ltd. (Andon) was established in 1995 in Tianjin, China. Company is one of the world's leading product manufacturers. Andon's current product lines include blood pressure monitors, blood glucose monitors, TENS, electrical muscle stimulators, electronic pulse massagers, and digital thermometers. Andon has successfully established sales networks all over the world, covering Germany, the UK, Italy, France, the USA, Poland, Spain, and Turkey. Andon also has strong sales capability, and is the second largest brand in China market, bringing products to markets throughout China, such as Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou. Andon's products have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), certified with EU Conformity European, ISO 13485:2003 and ISO9001:2000. As one of the world's leading home health product manufacturers, Andon's goal is "Bringing Health Products to Every Home". We are playing a very important role in the field of personal care products.
Bayer is a global enterprise with core competencies in the fields of health care, agriculture and high-tech polymer materials. As an innovation company, it sets trends in research-intensive areas. Bayer’s products and services are designed to benefit people and improve the quality of life. At the same time, the Group aims to create value through innovation, growth and high earning power.
Bayer AG defines common values, goals and strategies for the entire Group. The three subgroups and three service companies operate independently, led by the management holding company. The Corporate Center supports the Group Management Board in its task of strategic leadership.
For more than 20 years of pharmaceutical company Biotics has the honor to make for you the original drugs based on natural chemicals (natural metabolites). Our company is focused on creating new and innovative pharmaceutical products, essence of which despite their simplicity ahead of modern ideas for decades. The skillful combination of modern scientific knowledge and advanced technology, simplicity and a clear understanding of drug administration, continuous training in the new approaches to therapy metabolitic opens unprecedented perspectives in the treatment of many complex diseases.
Our products have such a variety of action because they are based on the correction of fundamental processes in living cells. That understanding is correct fix such "molecular disorder" is the key to the effectiveness and safety of drugs, metabolites. Our company not only carries out research, but introduces the results obtained in practice. Over the years we have managed to achieve calibrated and well-functioning system of production and quality control of our products corresponding to the highest European standards of GMP.
The main strategic goal of our company is to create, maintain and develop competitive trends in the pharmaceutical industry, corresponding to world standards the development of science and technology, as well as ensuring the availability of innovative medicines for the entire population of Russia.
Directors of Isshaan are committed to customers and employees and, more importantly, to the people who rely on their medicines. The Company is committed to march ahead with a clearer vision and greater vitality, working towards what really matters – health.

Isshaan has a strong international presence in the Regulated and Emerging markets. The Company is continuously striving to create place for itself on a strong promising path by expanding its business strategically, strengthening its manufacturing facilities and enhancing capabilities across the organization.

The list of markets and products are expanding progressively. The company’s manufacturing facilities are GMP certified by national and international agencies which is a prime requirement for exporting to most of the world markets.
Branch “Medgamal” of NIIEM named after N.F.Gamalei under ministry of healthcare of Russia is one oldest companies in manufacturing of medical immunobiological products in Russia.
Basis of manufacture is composed of highly effective domestic products as Pirogenal – immune-response modulating agent of wide range effects (injection form and suppositories), staphylococcal toxoids, tubercular vaccines (BCJ, BCJ-M), Imuron-Vak. Our products are widely used for decades in clinical practice in Russia and the CIS countries in different sections of medicine, surgery, gynecology and pediatrics for the treatment and prevention of infectious and somatic diseases.
Branch "Medgamal" produces a large range of highly specific diagnostic products. Many of the manufactured products are unique and are made only by our affiliate.
Manufacturing technology of produced products, and many others that have been transferred for the production to other manufacturers, developed and put into production directly by employees of the branch in cooperation with leading specialists of the Institute.
Specialists of the branch are working to improve existing technologies and produce competitive products. Currently, much work is done on the modernization of the existing production and bring it into line with the standard GMP.
Established in 1999, MEDITEKS has been producing medical textiles products without comprising on the fundamental values of the Quality Management System, always complying with the rules of continuous improvement and total customer satisfaction.

Total customer satisaction is achieved and continuously increased by progressively accomodating the client requests’ and constantly exceeding their expectations.

The use of high-quality raw materials, coupled with advanced technology and constantly- renewed modern machinery allows MEDİTEKS to control each and every stage of production.
Medtrue Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a specialized supplier of Medical and Health care products, adhering to the principle of 'Professional takes you to satisfaction'. Employees apply themselves to offer better service to customers with abundant experience since 1994 in this market, and enjoying a great commercial reputation.

Specifically, the main products covering Hospital Equipment, Medical Devices, Medical Disposable/Consumable products, Surgical Dressings, Health & Home care products, Laboratory products, education products, pharmaceutical materials and chemical products.

Today, as a Medical Group, Company has its own manufactories, invest and hand shares of several manufactories of Medical & Lab products to enable its offer to be more competitive in the market. Most of products have got CE & ISO approval, some in FDA.
Nej Biotech
Nej Biotech is a fast growing, well- recognized and a GMP certified Indian Business Group of global repute.The group is leading Herbal Extracts Manufacturer and is listed amidst the trustworthy Surgical Disposables Suppliers & Exporter from INDIA. Currently, under the Group umbrella there are vividly diversified business segments ranging from Herbal Medicines, Pharma Medicines, Herbal Extracts, Disposable Medical Equipments etc. The group is having strong hold in the domestic market of India and also exporting products to over 35 Countries worldwide. The Directors are Professionals and dynamic and have 77 years experience in this field.
Orgenics Ltd, also known as Alere Connected Health is part of Alere Inc., USA.

At Alere, company’s mission is to empower individuals to take charge of their health under the supervision of their healthcare providers. Company brings this vision to life by developing smart products that address broad, unmet needs and extend diagnosis from the lab, doctor’s office, and hospital to people’s homes.

Management of company believes that, when people are involved in their own care, they benefit from an improved quality of life. Company’s products and services lead to better health, less urgent medical interventions, fewer hospital visits, and reduced healthcare costs.
Rompharm’s philosophy is oriented to product quality, compliance with GMP, along the whole manufacturing and distribution processes. and other in force regulation (EC Directive 2003/94/EC). Accomplishment of requirements is based upon modern technologies implementation together with a complex system of Quality assurance and validation as a whole. 
One of the main elements for the maintenance of the quality system is the personnel. Their skills, the creative potential are more valuable than the assets and equipment. That is why each employee of Rompharm Company is an integral part of the quality assurance system.
The range of products released by Rompharm Company is directed on the real and potential capacity of the market, on the level and prospects of demands. Most of our products are generic medicines. The marketing efforts to increase the sales are directed to the medical representatives; it is realized due to company’s own network in CIS countries and the relation organized with local distributors.
As regards the prices and quality for the released products, we can certainly say that they are competitive in comparison with already available analogues.
Rompharm Company is working to increase the range of products, to expand the sales to EU market in cooperation with strategic partners, as a consequence of political and economical processes in Romania.